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I truly love my beautiful brides and It's always a true pleasure when I'm hired to create flawless & picture perfect bridal makeup. 

The most important thing about your wedding isn't the location, reception nor flowers. Your memories and photo's are all that you have left after your weddings is over.  That's why it's very important to hire a professional wedding photographer, makeup artist and hair stylist for your very special day. 

Do not go the CHEAP ROUTE when it comes to PMS (photography, makeup, stylist).  Yes I said it! PMS!!! Don't be cheap when it comes to those 3 key factors.  You want to invest in the best and the best is what you should have.  Now I know that everyone is on a tight budget when it comes to their wedding. But certain corners should not be cut when it comes to your wedding.

The Search

Searching for a professioal makeup artist can be time consuming and expensive.  But you do want to do your reseach and investigate.  Yes investigate for your ideal artist!!!  Just because the makeup artist prices are low and fits into your ideal budget; doesn't mean that his/her work is good.   When you pay for cheap or free services.  Trust me you are paying for what you asked for!! No lie! I've seen it a million times.  I suggest you start your search at least 6 month in advance. Just to do some makeup artist shopping and get an idea on prices/rates and trails/consultations.  You want to feel comfortable with the person that you hire and someone that can create your desired dream face. 

  1. Ask your wedding coordinator, wedding photographer, friends/family if they can recommend a professional makeup artist.  You will be surprise of how many people know a makeup artist.
  2. Contact the makeup artist inquiring about their work.  See if they have a website/blog showcasing their own professional artistry.
  3. Bridal Trail/Consultation (expect to pay for these services)
  4. Book your artist with a non-refundable deposit.

Creating A Bridal Face

Bridal Makeup is one of my favorite artistry's.  I love creating flawless beauty!!! Below is the new Mrs. Reginald Winston (Denise Winston).  Denise wanted to keep her bridal makeup very simple, pretty and clean. So that's what I went for, I wanted Denise to feel comfortable with her bridal makeup.  And trust me Denise loved her makeup!
         Denise Before                                                                                      Denise After

 Maria's Bridal Beauty

To create Maria's bridal beauty I wanted to glam that face up! Maria doesn't wear makeup but she knew she wanted to look lovely for her partner.  Maria let me go all in on her bridal makeup.  Thank you Maria

Products used on the Lovely Maria
Beauty Blender (the egg sponge to blend her flawless foundation)
Laura Mericer Oil Free Foundation Primer
Embryolisse Creme Hydratante
Black Opal Concealing Foudations-Truly Topaz & Heavenly Honey
Dermablend Foundation (I used to highlight under the brow)
MAC Cosmetic Mineralize Skinfinish-Dark
Ben Nye Powder-Banana
Milani Eyebrow Pencil-Dark Brown
Naked Cosmetic Eyeshadow Pigments
MAC Cosmetic Eyeshadow-Saddle (I used this for the crease)
Bobby Brown Cosmetic Long Wear Gel Eyeliner-Black Ink
Smashbox Cosmetics Blush
CoverGirl Cosmetic-Queen Collection Bronzer
Ben Nye Lip Pencil
NYX Lip Laquer Pot
MAC Cosmetic Lipglass-Clear
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Strip Eyelashes

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